Eric Brockmeyer

Eric Brockmeyer has always had a strong passion for all things automotive and a certain sweet spot for classic American Hot Rods!

Building models and drawing cars was a favorite pastime of his when he was a child. Drawing cars was merely a hobby until his future wife, Pam, nudged him to pursue his interest. He them decided to enroll in the Art Institute of Ford Lauderdale to get a solid foundation in design and illustration.

He graduated in only 3 years with a Bachelor's degree in Industrial Design in 1999 and set out to start his career. When Sea Ray Boats posted a job for a designer, Eric jumped at the chance to join their team. He was hired on in the design department from 1999-2003. The small design group gave him a lot of experience in all aspects of boat designing. In his four years, he was responsible for anything from creating a concept for a new exterior styling to interior layouts to graphics. Whether it was a fun day or a stressful one, it was always challenging and gave him a great opportunity to learn a great deal about the industry. While the boat business was a great start for hands on career experience, Eric longed for his true passion, cars. He had been designing car concepts every evening building a portfolio for talent and fun, so in 2003, he made the leap and resigned from Sea Ray Boats to focus on customs and Hot Rods with a small in-home studio and began working.

In his career, Eric Brockmeyer has had the opportunity to work with some amazing clients on amazing projects. Boyd Coddington was provided with Eric's designs from 2003 on and went on to help him design cars for his program on Discovery Channel, "AMERICAN HOT ROD". He also received the opportunity to work with Johnson's Hot Rod Shop on the design and presentation of the 2009 Ridler winner, "Deucenberg". Also in 2009, he assisted with the design of the "street machine of the year" which was a 1962 Corvette roadster built by the Roadster Shop. Currently continues to work with shops and individuals to layout automotive designs of all years and styles.

Chris Froggett

Artist Chris Froggett was born in 1957, and apart from art & history classes, school was not that interesting to him. During the early seventies he did a lot of messing around with his dads car, wrecked motorcycles, you name it he took it apart. Chris trained as an illustrator in the mid 70's at a commercial art studio, with CAD on the way, it was exit stage left. He got work at a local motorcycle shop and did the art thing as a hobby for over ten years, it was during this time Chris got into the rod scene, and did a couple of commissioned pieces. Chris became professional purely out of necessity. He said “a daft stunt on a bike left me laid up for 8 weeks and out of work”.

Chris’ initial interest in the rods was largely what was popular at the time, in the 80’s. He bought a big pile of old sixties HRM's at one show and that was how he started to get into the history of how the engineering developed which ultimately dictates design. Chris says “whatever period you look at we now look back and think of them as simple, even though the cars were cutting edge at the time, and I liked that funny old metal stuff they used”.

For his drawings, Chris uses Magic Color ink and Windsor & Newton gouache on a heavy 300 gms watercolour paper, most all of the gradient work is airbrushed, detail is with sable brushes.

Brent Gill

Everyone has heard of Monet…yeah, Claude Monet the impressionist artist from the 1800’s. Brent Gill is a descendent of that world renowned artist! Instead of portraits and flowers, Brent is into cars and it shows in his passionate artwork! Perfect proportions, the right stances, and just cool stuff that Hotrod enthusiasts love! In addition to carts, Brent extends his passion….and his talents…to bikes as well!

Bill Harper

Artist Bill Harper has been involved in street rodding since the 50’s. He has owned his own body shop, Cascade Auto Body, since 1967. You can find Bill and his wife Bonnie at rod runs around Northern California in their 1941 Hupmobile. Majoring in art at Shasta College, Bill entered and placed at juried art shows in and around the Bay area. Bill has submitted body designs to major automobile companies and is currently on staff with a major magazine as a cartoonist.